RAD - Recycling Alternative Distribution

Proud Providers of Curbside Recycling Pickup in Teton Valley, ID & Alta, WY

2015 Pickup Schedules Now Up!

Can't remember when your pickup is? We'll send you a text reminder the evening before your pickup. Email us at info@theradrecyclers.com and we'll get you setup.

What is RAD?:

R.A.D. or “Recycling Alternative Distribution,” is a Teton Valley Idaho based curbside recycling pickup service dedicated to improving and educating our community. RAD is proud to provide three different service options and rates to our residents, HOA’s and businesses with once per month, twice per month or four times per month pickup.



  • Improve the convenience of recycling
  • Publicize financial & environmental impacts of recycling on our local community
  • Educate our community on the effects of recycling and the impacts on our future


  • Decrease the volume of waste going to the landfill
  • Decrease costs to Teton County by reducing the tonnage hauled to the landfill
  • Decrease Teton County residents' carbon footprint by motivating residents to
    recycle in the Valley rather than driving to Jackson
  • Create an annual youth grant which will fund the develoment and activation of
    an environmentally sound concept in teton county

Values & Ideals:

  • Reduce consumption of resources
  • Become a 100% carbon neutral company
  • Use recycled bins, containers and re-purposed materials to provide our service